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Luke     2023-01-18PM     Gary Dodd
Bible Questions     2023-01-15PM     Dan Chambers
II Corinthians     2023-01-15AM     Dan Chambers
Wednesday Service     2023-01-11PM     Speaker
Nehemiah     2023-01-08PM     Dan Chambers
II Corinthians     2023-01-08AM     Dan Chambers
Luke     2023-01-04PM     Gary Dodd
Singing Service     2023-01-01PM     Singing Service
New Year New Challenge     2023-01-01AM     Dan Chambers
Luke     2022-12-28PM     Gary Dodd
Jesus     2022-12-25AM     Dan Chambers
Luke     2022-12-21PM     Gary Dodd
Q&A     2022-12-18PM     Dan Chambers
The Incarnation     2022-12-18AM     Dan Chambers
Luke     2022-12-14PM     Gary Dodd
Singing Service     2022-12-11PM     Singing Service
Guest Speaker     2022-12-11AM     Graham McDonald
Luke     2022-12-07PM     Gary Dodd
Nehemiah     2022-12-04PM     Dan Chambers
II Corinthians     2022-12-04AM     Dan Chambers
Romans     2022-11-30PM     Dennis Makins
Q&A     2022-11-27PM     Dan Chambers
II Corinthians     2022-11-27AM     Dan Chambers
Singing Service     2022-11-23PM     Singing Service
Nehemiah     2022-11-20PM     Dan Chambers
II Corinthians     2022-11-20AM     Dan Chambers
Romans     2022-11-16PM     Dennis Makins
Romans     2022-11-09PM     Dennis Makins
Singing Service     2022-11-06PM     Signing Service
II Corinthians     2022-11-06AM     Dan Chambers
Romans     2022-11-02PM     Dennis Makins
Youth Led Service     2022-10-30PM     Youth Led Service
II Corinthians     2022-10-30AM     Dan Chambers
Romans     2022-10-26PM     Dennis Makins
Monster to Messenger     2022-10-23PM     Cody Peery
Jesus the Angry     2022-10-23AM     Keith O’Neal
Romans     2022-10-19PM     Dennis Makins
Ezra     2022-10-16PM     Dan Chambers
II Corinthians     2022-10-16AM     Dan Chambers
Romans     2022-10-12PM     Dennis Makins
Ezra     2022-10-09PM     Dan Chambers
II Corinthians     2022-10-09AM     Dan Chambers
Romans     2022-10-05PM     Dennis Makins
Singing Service     2022-10-02PM     Singing Service
II Corinthians     2022-10-02AM     Dan Chambers
Romans     2022-09-28PM     Dennis Makins
Q&A     2022-09-25PM     Dan Chambers
II Corinthians     2022-09-25AM     Dan Chambers
Romans     2022-09-21PM     Dennis Makins
Nehemiah     2022-09-18PM     Dan Chambers
II Corinthians     2022-09-18AM     Dan Chambers
Romans     2022-09-14PM     Dennis Makins
Evening Service     2022-09-11PM     Dan Chambers
II Corinthians     2022-09-11AM     Dan Chambers
Romans     2022-09-07PM     Dennis Makins
Singing Service     2022-09-04PM     Singing Service
II Corinthians     2022-09-04AM     Dan Chambers
Choose Wisely... Holiness     2022-08-31PM     Chuck Morris
Missions Update     2022-08-28PM     Missions Update
Morning Service     2022-08-28AM     Keith O'Neal
Choose Wisely... The Church     2022-08-24PM     Andrew Itson
Nehemiah     2022-08-21PM     Dan Chambers
II Corinthians     2022-08-21AM     Dan Chambers
Choose Wisely... The Spirit     2022-08-17PM     Matt Miller
II Corinthians - Expanded     2022-08-14PM     Dan Chambers
II Corinthians     2022-08-14AM     Dan Chambers
Choose Wisely... Jesus     2022-08-10PM     Chris Miller
Singing Service     2022-08-07PM     Singing Service
II Corinthians     2022-08-07AM     Dan Chambers
Choose Wisely... God     2022-08-03PM     Philip Jenkins
Youth Led Service     2022-07-31PM     Youth Led Service
II Corinthians     2022-07-31AM     Dan Chambers
Q&A     2022-07-24PM     Dan Chambers
II Corinthians     2022-07-24AM     Dan Chambers
I, II, III John     2022-07-20PM     James Barrett
Nehemiah     2022-07-17PM     Dan Chambers
II Corinthians     2022-07-17AM     Dan Chambers
VBS     2022-07-13PM     VBS
VBS     2022-07-10PM     VBS
II Corinthians     2022-07-10AM     Dan Chambers
I, II, III John     2022-07-06PM     James Barrett
Singing Service     2022-07-03PM     Singing Service
II Corinthians     2022-07-03AM     Dan Chambers
I, II, III John     2022-06-29PM     James Barrett
I Corinthians 12 Part 2     2022-06-26PM     Cody Peery
I Corinthians 12     2022-06-26AM     Cody Peery
I, II, III John     2022-06-22PM     James Barrett
Wonder     2022-06-19PM     Dan Chambers
II Corinthians     2022-06-19AM     Dan Chambers
I, II, III John     2022-06-15PM     James Barrett
Nehamiah     2022-06-12PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2022-06-12AM     Dan Chambers
I, II, III John     2022-06-08PM     James Barrett
Singing Service     2022-06-05PM     Singing Service
Judges     2022-06-05AM     Dan Chambers
I, II, III John     2022-06-01PM     James Barrett
Evening Service     2022-05-29PM     Brett Pharr
Believe     2022-05-29AM     Brett Pharr
Psalms     2022-05-25PM     Dan Chambers
Q&A     2022-05-22PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2022-05-22AM     Dan Chambers
Psalms     2022-05-18PM     Dan Chambers
Ezra     2022-05-15PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2022-05-15AM     Dan Chambers
Psalms     2022-05-11PM     Dan Chambers
Ezra     2022-05-08PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2022-05-08AM     Dan Chambers
Psalms     2022-05-04PM     Dan Chambers
Senior Night     2022-05-01PM     Senior Night
Judges     2022-05-01AM     Dan Chambers
Psalms     2022-04-27PM     Dan Chambers
Q&A     2022-04-24PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2022-04-24AM     Dan Chambers
Psalms     2022-04-20PM     Dan Chambers
Ezra     2022-04-17PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2022-04-17AM     Dan Chambers
Evening Class     2022-04-13PM     Dan Chambers
Youth Led Service     2022-04-10PM     Youth Led Service
Adding to the Church     2022-04-10AM     Cody
Singing Service     2022-04-03PM     Singing Service
Judges     2022-04-03AM     Dan Chambers
Psalms     2022-03-30PM     Dan Chambers
Q&A     2022-03-27PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2022-03-27AM     Dan Chambers
Psalms     2022-03-23PM     Dan Chambers
Ezra     2022-03-20PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2022-03-20AM     Dan Chambers
Psalms     2022-03-16PM     Dan Chambers
Ezra     2022-03-13PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2022-03-13AM     Dan Chambers
Psalms     2022-03-09PM     Dan Chambers
Singing Service     2022-03-06PM     Singing Service
Judges     2022-03-06AM     Dan Chambers
Psalms     2022-03-02PM     Dan Chambers
Q&A     2022-02-27PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2022-02-27AM     Dan Chambers
Are You Ready?     2022-02-23PM     Kevin Montgomery & Gary Dodd
Q&A     2022-02-20PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2022-02-20AM     Dan Chambers
Are You Ready?     2022-02-16PM     Kevin Montgomery & Gary Dodd
Q&A     2022-02-13PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2022-02-13AM     Dan Chambers
Are You Ready?     2022-02-09PM     Kevin Montgomery & Gary Dodd
Singing Service     2022-02-06PM     Singing Service
Judges     2022-02-06AM     Dan Chambers
Are You Ready?     2022-02-02PM     Kevin Montgomery & Gary Dodd
Youth Led Service     2022-01-30PM     Youth Led Service
Judges     2022-01-30AM     Dan Chambers
Are You Ready?     2022-01-26AM     Gary Dodd
Lipscomb Academy Chorus     2022-01-23PM     Lipscomb Academy Chorus
Judges     2022-01-23AM     Dan Chambers
Are You Ready?     2022-01-19PM     Kevin Montgomery
Are You Ready?     2022-01-12PM     Gary Dodd
Ezra     2022-01-09PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2022-01-09AM     Dan Chambers
Are You Ready?     2022-01-05PM     Gary Dodd
Singing Service     2022-01-02PM     Singing Service
Importance of the Assembly     2022-01-02AM     Dan Chambers
Are You Ready?     2021-12-29PM     Kevin Montgomery
Sunday Night Q&A     2021-12-26PM     Dan Chambers
The King & the Messiah     2021-12-26AM     Dan Chambers
Are You Ready?     2021-12-22PM     Gary Dodd
Ezra     2021-12-19PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2021-12-19AM     Dan Chambers
Are You Ready?     2021-12-15PM     Kevin Montgomery
Ezra     2021-12-12PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2021-12-12AM     Dan Chambers
Evening Class     2021-12-08PM     Dan Chambers
Singing Service     2021-12-05PM     Singing Service
Judges     2021-12-05AM     Dan Chambers
Joshua     2021-12-01PM     Dan Chambers
Sunday Night Q&A     2021-11-28PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2021-11-28AM     Dan Chambers
Thanksgiving Service     2021-11-24PM     Thanksgiving Service
Ezra     2021-11-21PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2021-11-21AM     Dan Chambers
Joshua     2021-11-17PM     Dan Chambers
Ezra     2021-11-14PM     Dan Chambers
Judges     2021-11-14AM     Dan Chambers
Joshua     2021-11-10PM     Dan Chambers
Singing Service     2021-11-07PM     Singing Service
2 Thessalonians - Part 9     2021-11-07AM     Dan Chambers
Joshua     2021-11-03PM     Dan Chambers
Youth Led Service     2021-10-31PM     Youth Led Service
2 Thessalonians - Part 8     2021-10-31AM     Dan Chambers
Joshua     2021-10-27PM     Dan Chambers
Sunday Night Q&A     2021-10-24PM     Dan Chambers
2 Thessalonians - Part 7     2021-10-24AM     Dan Chambers
Joshua     2021-10-20PM     Dan Chambers
Ezra     2021-10-17PM     Dan Chambers
2 Thessalonians - Part 6     2021-10-17AM     Dan Chambers
Joshua     2021-10-13PM     Dan Chambers
Ezra     2021-10-10PM     Dan Chambers
2 Thessalonians - Part 5     2021-10-10AM     Dan Chambers
Singing Service     2021-10-03PM     Singing Service
2 Thessalonians - Part 4     2021-10-03AM     Dan Chambers
Joshua     2021-09-29PM     Dan Chambers
Sunday Night Q&A     2021-09-26PM     Dan Chambers
2 Thessalonians - Part 3     2021-09-26AM     Dan Chambers
Joshua     2021-09-22PM     Dan Chambers
Give Thanks When There Is Nothing To Be Thankful For     2021-09-19PM     Cody Peery
Seek & Save     2021-09-19AM     Keith O'Neal
Deborah     2021-09-15PM     Brett Pharr
Ezra     2021-09-12PM     Dan Chambers
2 Thessalonians - Part 2     2021-09-12AM     Dan Chambers
Joshua     2021-09-08PM     Dan Chambers
Singing Service     2021-09-05PM     Singing Service
2 Thessalonians - Part 1     2021-09-05AM     Dan Chambers
Joshua     2021-09-01PM     Dan Chambers
Revelation     2021-08-29PM     Dan Chambers
1 Thessalonians - Part 19     2021-08-29AM     Dan Chambers
The Great ComMISSION - Part 4     2021-08-25PM     Matt Heupel
Revelation     2021-08-22PM     Dan Chambers
1 Thessalonians - Part 18     2021-08-22AM     Dan Chambers
The Great ComMISSION - Part 3     2021-08-18PM     David Morris
Living for Eternity     2021-08-15PM     Gary Dodd
Our Christian Dynasty     2021-08-15AM     Brett Pharr
The Great ComMISSION - Part 2     2021-08-11PM